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Algorithm Design AD – Lecture Note (Best Handwritten Notes)

Download the Best lecture notes for algorithm design also known as (AD) in many colleges. The algorithm design notes are in PDF with deep explanation of each unit, the basic questions and answers with examples and worksheets are given in this AD lecture notes. This algorithm design notes are handwritten and for college going students who needs handwritten notes of 2nd year B.Tech. engineering. You can download this A.D. Notes in PDF format for free.

Algorithm Design notes

Algorithm Design Syllabus –

  • Unit 1: Algorithm, characteristics of algorithm, efficiency of algorithm, time complexity, space complexity, types of algorithm, recursive algorithm and non-recursive algorithm, Induction method,
  • Unit 2: Time complexity in algorithm- asymptotic notation, Big oh notation, Big omega notation, theta notation.
  • Unit 3: Space complexity in algorithm design-  recurrence, recurrence problem.
  • Unit 4:  Recurrence tree method, substitution method, master theorem.
  • Unit 5: Divide and conquer method in algorithm design. Merge short, binary searching, quick short (best case, average case and worst case), brute force method.
  • Unit 6: Integer multiplication, closest pair, mourner’s rule, point value representation, complex root of unit.
  • Unit 7: Hashing (hash search mechanism), Chain (Open hashing), heap short, max heap, min heap, stable shorting and unstable shorting.
  • Unit 8: Graph- weighted and un-weighted graph, complete graph, tree, degree of graph.

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Algorithm design means a specific method to create a mathematical process in problem solving processes. Applied algorithm design is algorithm engineering. Algorithm design is identified and incorporated into many solution theories of operation research, such as dynamic programming and divide-and-conquer. – Wikipedia

Algorithm design for computer science and computer science and information technology-

In this algorithm design notes you are going to learn many things form each chapter that will help you to understand this subject and get good CGPA /Marks in you EXAMS.

Algorithm design subject is not to tough subject for the student’s but this subject requires regular practice so, if you have a good notes to practice the problems, you can easily get good marks in your examination so, make sure you download the PDF of algorithm design.

We have tried our best to provide complete notes of algorithm design AD. If some pages are missing or you think there should be more information about the algorithm design then please comment below we will regularly update this notes for all the students of engineering.